How does wet fogging disinfectants work?

Wet fogging covers 100% of all surfaces as the spray Atomizes and settles it causes the disinfectant to cover all areas like desktops, keyboards, door handles and impossible to reach areas in your facility. Other disinfectants only cover what you can see. Wet fogging covers everything protecting your workers from the risks of infection.  EPA tested and totally safe for your facility.

Our Green disinfectant product is 100% safe, biodegradable and non-toxic contains no harsh chemicals, and will not irritate the skin, eyes or lungs it is safe for adults, children and pets. It is safe in food prep areas and does not need to be wiped clean. 

  • 25 years’ experience sanitizing and disinfecting with cruise ship industry, large commercial buildings and residential homes.
  • Trained and mentored staff for wet fogging sanitation for cruise ship industry.
  • We educate our clients so they fully understand the proper sanitizing methods.
  • We give you our recommendations and allow you to make the decisions.
  • Our goal is to make you are confident and comfortable with our service.