Miami, Florida, carpet cleaning company

We provide consultation and training services for carpet manufacturers, hotels, cruise ships, convention centers, and larger commercial establishments. To maintain and properly care for their carpets by providing maintenance programs, advising them on the proper equipment, cleaning products, and cleaning techniques for their carpets.

  • We educate our clients and work hands on with them so they fully understand the proper way to maintain their carpets.
  • We work with carpet cleaning equipment manufactures developing and testing new cleaning equipment, chemicals, and cleaning techniques for the industry.
  • We can handle the job our self, train your staff, or work side by side with your staff which makes us unique in our industry.
  • We give you our recommendations and allow you to make the decisions.

We want you to be comfortable and happy with carpets that look great! we look forward to a great relationship with you.

Jeff Day
Power Carpet Cleaning