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Power Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated business since 1995. We are trained and Certified in Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery , and Spot Cleaning.  As professionals we feel it is important to be educated in this industry. A trained technician can identify the different carpet fibers so the proper solutions are used. Having this knowledge helps prevent permanently damaging carpet fibers. We have one of  the largest truck mounts in the industry. This also means that, we have the most powerful vacuum available for dry soil and hot water extraction. Your carpets are going to be cleaned with the correct pH solutions. Spots and stains will be targeted with the correct chemicals. Your carpets warranties will not be jeopardized with improper cleaning techniques. The end results will be longer carpet life and enjoyment from the financial investment made in your floor coverings. 

Ask About Our $5 Power Bucks
Ask About Our  $5 Power Bucks


Our Standard Cleaning Procedures

1. First;  We will set-up and vacuum your home carpeting with our powerful truck mount turbo- vacuum. This is a step skipped by most companies. Procter & Gamble conducted a study on the content of carpet soils. They found 79% of carpet soils were non-soluble and only 16% were soluble. With 79% of carpet soil being non-soluble, such as dirt, animal hair, and vegetable fibers, these dry particulate soils are much easier to remove first without wetting.  Skipping this step is the main reason for carpets being over-wetted and causing many problems such as wicking, browning-out, and extremely long drying times.

2. We will use a pre-conditioner to treat any areas of concern and traffic areas. These pre-conditioners consist of enzymes and emulsifiers to treat heavily soiled areas. We will groom the carpet to agitate and free the remaining soils, also giving the solutions time to do their job.

3. We will rinse the carpet with the proper pH solution to leave your carpets clean and free from harmful residues. Our Powerful Truck Mount System cleans at pressures and temperatures that leave your carpets in the fresh  and clean condition you were hoping for!

 4. Lastly;  We will groom the carpet and set blowers to aid in drying times and reduce any wicking problem that may have annoyed you in past cleanings.                        

5. We will follow-up and quickly resolve any concerns or issues you may have. We will be a company you will be proud to tell your friends and neighbors about.

Gold Package

Includes our “Standard Cleaning Procedures” with an additional step. We will apply a carpet protector.  The advantages are evident as your carpet will stay cleaner longer and clean easier. Simply, longer carpet life and greater use of your original investment, your carpet.

A Word About Pricing

We will always keep our pricing as low as possible. We also hope our customers know we can’t stay in business operating at a loss. With new technology and continuing training we cannot pay salaries based on minimum wages. We cannot and will-not try to compete with “bait and switch” advertisements. We will give fair and reasonable prices based on sound profit and loss business evaluations.  To-date we are still one of the most under priced and over-achieving companies in our area.

* IICRC Certified *

Jessica, Hector, Don, Linda
Jessica, Hector, Don, Linda

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